Getting Certified

Developing a Certified Organic Plan

The National Organic Program requires that organic processing facilities are certified by a USDA-accredited certification agency. Each certifying agency has its own application package and sets its own fees. Applications are generally about 10 pages long.  

If your company is planning to create a certified organic product line – OES courses will help your people, and your suppliers, understand the requirements and their roles in the process.  We can help your team develop the SOPs and all of the documentation you'll need for a successful application.

#1 Essentials of Organic Program Management

This 1.5 day course addresses exactly what your corporate management team needs to know to create organic products, become certified and preserve organic integrity throughout your supply chain…from raw ingredients to finished product storage. The course helps review approaches to defining supplier specifications, new product formulation processes, evaluating suppliers and contract manufacturers. Your team will learn how to develop an Organic System Plan that documents and records the facility’s best organic practices and meets organic standards. They will also understand what is needed to develop an audit trail that tracks products from receiving to final product.  

#2 Creating Organic Products

This 1-day course for R&D and marketing staff will help them understand what they must do to create organic product profiles and understand what ingredients, flavors and processing aids are restricted and prohibited in formulation. It also covers procedures for sourcing ingredients and qualifying suppliers, so your new product line will comply with the standards. Course also covers labeling requirements so your new product packaging, marketing and merchandising materials are correct. This course can help your company avoid costly mistakes.

#3 Organic Specifications for Your Suppliers

  This course provides your suppliers and co-manufactures with an understanding of the USDA National Organic Program and/or Canadian requirements and certification agency documentation expectations and familiarizes them with your new organic program and product specifications. This program can be taught on onsite or via  webinars.

#4 Assess Your Suppliers’ Organic Programs

 This course is ideal for your internal auditors or Category Managers. They will gain in depth understanding of the NOP and/or Canadian requirements and certification agency documentation and an overview of best practices used by farmers, production facilities and distribution centers. Participants will learn how to conduct effective supplier audits to evaluate compliance to your organic program specifications and record keeping practices. 

After this course, your internal auditors will be able to develop programs and checklists and effectively assess new and existing organic suppliers and contract manufacturers.    

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