About Us


Organic Education Solutions LLC is the first education services company dedicated to helping processors, distributors, retailers and other organizations successfully prepare their people for organic certification and to maintain compliance their organic plan. 


The OES was founded in 2007 to support the development of several multi-level consulting and education programs for large clients. 

OES was officially established in 2009, and began providing custom on-site training to clients and working on the development of training products. OES offers expert insight and knowledge gained from decades of program development, inspections, quality systems assessments and training for growers/farmers, processors, retailers, USDA accredited certifying agencies, governments and NGOs.  

We have extensive experience in helping clients review and redesign, or develop organic system plans. We’ve conducted 1,000s of audits and inspections for leading certification agencies. We continue to obtain extensive training in industry specific categories and pursue credentials and certifications in new subjects. 

The partners have long-term relationships with industry thought leaders and organic certification agencies. Several of our partners are members of the International Organic Inspectors Association, work with certification agencies and accreditation bodies.

We understand the demands of business too.

We’ve been in your shoes. Our instructors and educational consultants can draw upon years of direct experience working on, or owning organic farms and food operations. The Organic Education Solutions partners have a wide variety of industry experience -- from farms and greenhouses to processing facilities and DCs to supermarkets.    

Our Mission

Dedicated to Your Success

Providing International Support

OES helps companies throughout the industry and around the world to ensure organic product integrity. Our network of consultants brings decades of expertise for a range of crops and warehouses and processing facilities. 

A Resource for Small Businesses

We are dedicated to helping all companies that produce and handle organic products -- especially small and family businesses in remote locations -- become certified and maintain their certification.