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Quick & Simple Training Downloads

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Our Keep It Organic Basics program provides you with a PowerPoint and quiz to give your employees the basic level of knowledge needed to comply with your organic processing program. Available only in English. 

What is Organic? Our 3-minute video provides an introductory overview of organic food terms and practices. It's a great orientation tool for your employees. 

Full Training Program Kit

The Keep It Organic –Best Practices for Production Personnel training kit has everything you need to create an effective program for your facility.  

Our comprehensive training kit was developed for processing facilities that are implementing an organic program. 

English and Spanish in one DVD. 

It's perfect for orienting your new employees or conducting a refresher training. 

Customized Training Programs

OES has developed a variety of courses and webinars to address specific organic program needs. 

In addition to programs for processors, OES also specializes in developing training for retailers and organic certifiers. 

Our courses offer critical information about the USDA National Organic Program, certifier requirements and best practices to prevent common and costly mistakes. 

We offer training in any format you need -- from live webinars to 1/2 day workshops and customized content for your e-learning system.  

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